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Thermoskin Plantar FXT, Beige

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Price: $29.95
Manufacturer: Thermoskin
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Finally a more comfortable way to treat Plantar Fasciitis Heel Pain! The Plantar FXT has a semi-rigid strap that pulls the toes upwards and the foot into a slight dorsi-flexion position. The combination of the thermal properties to reduce inflammation and the stretching of the plantar fascia while sleeping may aid in the recovery of plantar fasciitis.

Thermoskin Thermal Plantar FXT - 8*234


Exclusive 3 dimensional lining that provides insulation and wicking of moisture via air circulation. This allows the skin to remain well oxygenated and comfortable for extended periods.

  • Promotion of increased blood flow facilitates enhanced recovery
  • Provides light but firm compression to counter act tissue swelling
  • Clinically tested to increase the skin and muscle temperature
  • Provides temporary relief from pain/soreness associated with sports injuries, arthritis and RSI
  • Increases elasticity and reactivity of the muscle
  • Proprioception (support): implies perception of correct body position
Thermoskin Trioxon Advantage

Key features of the Plantar FXT:

  • Ideal alternative to cumbersome night splints
  • Easy to apply, low profile and comfortable to wear
  • Pulls the toes back slightly and comfortably
  • Stretches the plantar fascia so it may heal
  • May also be worn during the day (while seated) to provide longer per day treatment times, which may help speed up the healing process for plantar fasciitis.
  • Added benefit of thermoskin's clinically proven heat therapy.

Thermoskin Plantar FXT sizing guide (by U.S. Shoe size)
Shoe size X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large XX-  Large
Men's 3 - 5 5 1/2 - 7 7 1/2 - 10 10 1/2 - 12 12 1/2 - 14 14 1/2+
Women's 4 - 6 6 1/2 - 9 9 1/2 - 11 11 1/2 - 13 13 1/2 - 15 15 1/2+

Sizing Note: If in doubt on sizing it is generally best to select the larger size


Click on the YouTube video below for more information 
on the Thermoskin Plantar FXT:


Position the foot inside the sock section of the product; place the velcro strap from the toe part through the buckle and back onto itself, lock the wrap portion to the velcro attachment over the top of the elastic strap.


Do not wear within the first 72 hours following an acute injury. This product contains a synthetic fibre, which may cause allergic reactions. Should an irritation or rash develop, discontinue use and seek medical advice. If pain persists, discontinue use and consult your medical professional


Outer lining: Nylon
Mid layer: Rubber foam
Inner lining: Polyester
(Does not contain latex).

Thermoskin is comprised of:
• 56.93% Neoprene
• 9.07% Nylon
• 34% Polyester

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