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Thermoskin Wrist Hand Brace, Beige

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Price: $24.90
Manufacturer: Thermoskin

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Thermoskin Wrist Hand Brace

The Thermoskin Wrist Hand Brace features a metal splint positioned at 25 degrees to provide the protection and support needed for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, overused / weak wrists and sprains and strains. The brace provides sturdy protection for wrist injuries and promotes increased circulation to aid prevention and recovery. 

Key features and benefits:

  • Lined with Trioxon® Advantage patented material for enhanced recovery - clinically developed and exclusive to Thermoskin
  • Moisture wicking material provides superior comfort to the wearer
  • Velcro locking straps together with a metal splint positioned at 25° to allow for increased circulation and better protection
  • Available in three sizes
  • Can be worn as a preventative measure
  • Contours to the body for increased comfort and support
  • Endorsed by APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association) & AIS (Australian Institute of Sport)
  • Covered by a 12 month guarantee against faulty workmanship or materials

May be suitable treatment for:

  • Overused / weak wrists
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Weakness, sprains & strains

Size guide:

Measurement Location

Measure evenly around wrist joint.
Size Chart
*It is important that you choose the correct size for maximum product benefits. 

How to wear:

1. Position the product so that the metal splint is on the inside of the wrist. 
2. The hand section of the splint should be placed in the mid-lower part of the palm.
3. Wrap the velcro straps around the forearm and secure, then wrap the locking strap around the splint and secure.
  • For thermal treatment to be truly effective, the heat needs to be generated continuously for long periods
  • Not suitable for wear within 72 hours post-injury
  • Wear directly against the skin. Do not use heat creams inside the support

Instructional video

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